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Precision Equipment Inc.
8440 N. Kerby Ave.
Portland OR. 97217
(800) 422-5797 (503) 289-1145 F: (503) 289-6739
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"Our clients come to us knowing that we'll get the job done matter how
detailed or unique the project is, they know we'll take care of them."

We specialize in the repair, overhaul, and custom manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders,
pumps and control valves either as complete assemblies or as individual parts.
We manufacture various types of rolls for the steel, plastic, and pulp and paper industries
as well as repair and rebuild bearing journals and seal areas on all types of shafts.

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Precision has chrome plating tanks in continuous operation. All of which utilize the
HEEF 25 plating process which provides a harder, smoother, brighter and more durable
chrome surface than conventional chromic baths. Because the HEEF process can be
operated at higher current densities, we can plate at rates twice those of conventional baths.
This capability enables us to provide you with a much faster service while still maintaining
the highest quality. All chrome plating is accomplished in strict accordance with Quality
Control Standard QQC-320B
pdf See Precision’s “TRIPLEX PLATING BARRIER” benefits.

Hydraulic Cylinders
Our Hydraulic departments compliment one another due to their versatility, capabilities and expertise. Precision has designed and manufactured cylinders for many industries. Repairing
all brands of cylinders of any size is an ongoing process for us. Known as the telescopic
truck dump cylinder specialists in the northwest.

Hydrualic Pump & Motor Division
Our Hydraulic Pump and Motor division has testing capabilities up to 200 G.P.M and
7500 P.S.I. in a clean room environment. All hydraulic components are tested and
reports provided.

CNC & Conventional Machining
Our machine shop is supported by CNC turning and boring, conventional machining,
I.D. and O.D. grinding, honing, surface grinding, lapping and metallizing.

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Primary Capabilities:
Coating and finishing
Hard Chrome Plating
Hydraulic Cylinders
CNC Machining / CNC Turning
Conventional Machining
Conventional Turning
Crankshaft Repair

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
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National Association for Surface Finishing

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Sales Team:
Neil Brislawn (503) 407-2955 e-mail
Andy Vail (503) 407-7347 e-mail

Inside Sales
Gene Hildreth (503) 939-6403 e-mail

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